June 26, 2017

School’s Out for the Summer!

You made it through another year of school! It is time for the summertime fun, but you do not want to lose all of the skills that your child gained this past school year! Summertime is the perfect time to make fun, educational activities!


Having a Ball Learning:

This activity will get your kids moving! For this activity, you need a ball and a permanent marker. Any size or shape ball will work but it has to be one that you do not mind writing on! I usually hop on over to the dollar store and pick up a beach ball for this activity. This works best for sight words, quick math facts or words in different language. If you have a younger child you can use this for number and letter recognition. You will want to write the words or math facts all over the ball. I like to use this for multiplication times tables! I will write the multiplication problems all over the ball and leave the answers off. Then you simply toss the ball back and forth. When a person catches a ball they will state the answer or word that is under their left thumb  This is a quick activity of throwing the ball so it is best for quick facts! It is a great way to practice those pesky sight words or anything that needs to be memorized! It is much more fun to run around and “have a ball” while learning!


Scavenger Hunts:

This can be an indoor and/or outdoor activity. All you have to do is come up with clues of places that are in and around your house. To unlock the clue, your child must first solve a problem. Put any kind of educational problem that they must solve on the outside of the clue. They will have to correctly answer the problem in order to “un-lock” the clue. You can use any math problem, sight word, short reading passage etc. Your kids will be so excited about the hunt that they will not mind solving one problem at a time! You can have a prize at the end of the hunt or they can do it just for fun!



 Break out the chalk- hopscotch can be educational! Draw a traditional hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk but put math problems or sight words in the middle of the square! When your child hops to the square they have to solve the math problem or state the sight word before moving on!