March 19, 2016


Welcome to Lifetime Sensory Solution’s blog! This will be a place where you can come to find advice and information on topics that pertain to special needs. I hope that you enjoy reading the weekly blog posts!


About Me

My name is Brittney Edwards. I have a bachelor’s degree in Adapted Curriculum Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I taught in the public school system for five years before starting my own special needs tutoring company and coming to work for Lifetime Sensory Solutions. I found my love of working with persons with disabilities through volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding facility. I am passionate about learning being fun and interactive!

My blog posts will be on a various topics, and will cover topics such as: teaching ideas for the special needs classroom/homeschooling, positive behavior plans, how to increase independence, how to utilize weighted blankets ect. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or if you have a topic that you would like me to post about!

Vocabulary Fun

Today we are going to talk about ideas to make learning vocabulary fun! Whenever I brought up new vocabulary, I already knew that I would hear moans and groans coming from my students. They did not want to have to write new words and their definitions. I knew that they would never learn the information if they simply wrote down the definitions just to get the assignment done. I know I never enjoyed sitting for over an hour copying definitions from the dictionary! In the next few blogs I will be writing out ideas for vocabulary activities. I will be talking about “Island Hop” first!  You will find that they will actually remember the new vocabulary when they enjoyed the activity! These activities can be used in any type of school setting.


Island Hop

This vocabulary activity will bring you to an island state of mind!


List of Supplies:

  • Index cards or paper cut into squares
  • Writing utensil
  • Music
  • List of vocabulary and the definitions



First, you will need to provide your students with a list of new vocabulary. You can provide them with the definitions or have them look up the definitions on their own. Have them use the index cards or paper squares to write the vocabulary word on one side and the definition on the opposite side.


After the cards are complete, have the students place the cards randomly all over the floor, with the vocabulary term side facing up. The cards will be the “islands”. Play the music of your choice and the students will move around the room. They can either dance or choose a random movement. Movements can include: swimming, walking like an egyptian, hopping, skipping, crab walk, ect. Then pause the music and the students will have to choose an “island” to stop on. They will look at the vocabulary term and try to state the definition, then they can flip the card over to see if they were able to remember it correctly. Continue playing and pausing the music until all of the students were able to get to all of the “islands”.


This is a fun, easy way for your kids to learn without realizing they are doing so!


Additional teacher notes: If you have a group of students, you may choose to give each group a certain number of vocabulary. You will only need one full set of vocabulary to complete this activity. However, you can use multiple sets of the same vocabulary if you want each group to write a full set. If you are working with one student, have them write the entire set on their index cards or paper squares.