October 09, 2018

Winter Break and Weighted Blankets

Winter break will be here before you know it! You will have your kids home and they will be bursting with energy. What can you do with all that energy and time? And how can a weighted blanket help your family during winter break?

Here are three activities you can do with a sensory blanket over winter break:

1. Create An Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course right in your own living room! Set up four chairs in a row with space in between each chair. Then have your child pick up their weighted blanket and weave through the chairs.

Next, put a laundry basket on a higher surface, such as a couch, and have your child reach up and place their weighted blanket in the basket. Have them crab-walk down the hall and back. Then they can take the weighted blanket back out of the blanket and hold it over the head and do one lap around the kitchen.

Then finish by weaving back through the chairs. Get creative and add any steps you want! When you add extra weight of a heavy blanket, any obstacle course because infinitely more fun.

2. Build a Fort

You can build a magical place right in your living room! Build a fort in any part of the house, and then climb inside! Have your child wrap up in the weighted blanket and then break out some games!

The gravity blanket will help your child stay calm and still while you make some great memories playing games! Forts are especially epic when you have a large king or queen sized weighted blanket.

3. Movie Night

Spend some time in the kitchen making movie snacks. Then snuggle up with a warm, yet breathable, weighted blanket for a great movie! 

So there you have it. Three easy ways to have fun over winter break that make great use of your weighted blanket. 

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