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Our Full Size Cotton Sateen Weighted Blankets provide benefits to children and adults who are looking for the best night's sleep. Research shows that a heavy sensory blanket help provide relief and relaxation to people of all ages struggling with anxiety, stress, autism, ADHD, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and other sensory disorders.

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Made in the USA with a 100% cotton sateen fabric (giving it a soft, silky feel), weighted with Hypoallergenic Poly Pellets, and filled with Hypoallergenic Poly Filling to make the blanket soft and fluffy.

The result is a blanket that feels cool and breathable, while still providing deep pressure to relax the body.

Sized at 56″ x 75″ (fits the top of a Full sized bed with space at the top for your head). Can be machine washed with cool water on the delicate cycle and air dried. Blankets are shipped pre-shrunk.


The weight and added deep pressure produced by a weighted blanket provides many benefits to children and adults alike. The weight can:

  • Aid with calming and relaxing high energy or restless children.
  • Signal the brain to release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which have a calming effect and help with mood control.
  • Help reduce stress and/or effects of trauma.
  • Brings a feeling of safety and protection to trauma survivors.

I made a weighted blanket for myself after seeing the effect my daughter's had on her. Suddenly, she was able to sleep through the night! I had always preferred heavy blankets on me at night, but the heat could get overwhelming. I've used my own weighted blanket for several years now, and the combination of the weight and the coolness of the cotton blanket make sleeping so enjoyable!

Weight Chart for Adults for a Full Size Sensory Blanket:

  • 10 lb. blanket for light pressure (this feels like having several nice heavy blankets on top of you, but without the heat. Perfect for mild sensory issues or mild anxiety.)
  • 15 lb. Blanket for light-medium pressure
  • 20 lb. Blanket for medium pressure (this is a nice weight for moderate anxiety)
  • 25 lb. Blanket for medium-high pressure (Many people with strong sensory needs prefer a 25-30 lb. blanket)
  • 30 lb. Blanket for high pressure

* Remember, you should always go with your OT’s recommendation on blanket weights.

Disclaimer: We at Lifetime Sensory Solutions are not physicians or licensed therapists. We do not provide or offer medical advice, treatment, or diagnoses, or provide healthcare services.

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