Our Newest Weighted Blankets

Check Out Our Brand New Weighted Blankets!

We're always looking to add new items and new patterns. Whether you've bought a sensory blanket before and want to see what's new, or if this is your first time visiting and want to preview the latest items in our inventory, these are your blankets. And like all our other blankets, these weighted comforters (sometimes also known as gravity blankets) provide tremendous benefits for a calm, restful night's sleep.

The Amazing Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Do weighted blankets actually work kids and adults? Absolutely! You can read the reviews of our customers whose weighted blankets helped them find relief from anxiety, stress, autism, ADHD, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and other sensory disorders. And that’s because the research and science backs it up.

To choose the weight that's right for you, view the product description, or check out our size and weight guidelines here. 


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