15 lb, Queen Red Sateen Weighted Blanket- Ready to Ship

Lifetime Sensory Solutions

Weighted blankets aren't just for kids anymore!!!

The weight and added deep pressure produced by a weighted blanket provides many benefits to children and adults alike. The weight can:

-Aid with calming and relaxing high energy or restless children.
-Signal the brain to release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and seratonin, which have a calming affect and help with mood control.
-Help reduce stress and/or effects of trauma.
-Brings a feeling of safety and protection to trauma survivors.

Made of a 100% Cotton fabric. Weighted with Hypoallergenic Poly Pellets, and filled with Hypoallergenic Poly Filling to make the blanket soft and fluffy.

Sized at 64″ x 76″ (fits the top of a Queen sized bed with space at the top for your head). Can be machine washed with cool water on the delicate cycle and air dried. Blankets are pre-shrunk.

Weight Chart for Adults:

10 Lb Blanket for light pressure 

15 Lb Blanket for light-medium pressure

20 Lb Blanket for medium pressure

25 Lb Blanket for medium-high pressure (Many people with strong sensory needs prefer a 25-30 lb blanket)

30 Lb Blanket for high pressure

*Remember, you should always go with your OT’s recommendation on blanket weights. Disclaimer:
"We at Lifetime Sensory Solutions are not physicians or licensed therapists. We do not provide or offer medical advice, treatment, or diagnoses, or provide healthcare services."


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