About us

Hi, I’m Melissa.

I met my little girl on a November day in Nicaragua. After 2 years of adoption proceedings, we were finally able to come home to North Carolina.

We started a series of routine medical checkups for her, but it soon became an alphabet soup of diagnosis and yet more questions, blood work, and testing.

Sensory issues became an important part of our lives as I learned how to balance life and work as a single mother with making sure that my daughter had what she needed to function day by day.

My daughter’s doctor recommended a weighted blanket, so I decided to unpack my sewing machine (I used to make custom bridal gowns) and make her very first blanket. I was amazed at the difference in her ability to sleep from the very first night she used it, and at the comfort it provided her during stressful times. Her blanket truly transformed our lives, as we got more sleep and she felt more secure.

The amazing change in our family started the idea for Lifetime Sensory Solutions, formed so that other families could find customized sensory support for their unique situations.


My products are designed by me, a special needs mama; tested by my daughter, with strong sensory preferences; and then produced by us right here in Charlotte, NC with attention to detail, care, and longevity.

I care about quality, both in my products and in the lives of my customers. Drop me a note with any questions you have; I’d love to hear from you!

-Melissa Hartwick