Weighted Blanket Reviews & Testimonials

Weighted Blanket Reviews and Testimonials


Weighted Blankets and Anxiety

"My daughter loves this blanket. It really helps with her anxiety."-C.R.

"Helped from moment one. No more tossing and turning, provides a place of safety, big enough to pretend to hide in when the world is too much. The "oversized beanbag", as it is fondly known in my house, is indispensable." -C.J.

"My son has suffered from extreme anxiety and we could not wait to get this. He has slept with this for a few nights and it seems to give him that comfort from the weight. He still struggles with insomnia but this has helped a bit. We have only had for 3 days so it will be good to see how he does in a month. He loved the design and weight and size to throw over him." -B

Weighted Blankets and Sensory Processing Disorder

"We ordered the paw patrol 5lb blanket and we love it! Our son has SPD and is a seeker. He craves pressure so this is perfect for him. We thought we would have to transtion him to it but he just pulls it on himself. He loves it and so do we. Great purchase!! Highly recommended." -S.D.

Weighted Blankets and Insomnia

"Love, Love, Love, this! It really does help you sleep more soundly. I track my sleep with my Fitbit. Before this blanket, even with Melatonin, I would toss and turn and be restless at least 8 times a night. Since using this blanket, I have only shown restless 4 times! It is heavy, but not hot. Nicely made, shipped quickly , and pretty pattern." -K.W.

"Beautifully made! Wish I'd gotten one 20 years ago. I sleep like a swaddled baby now. It's bliss." -K.P.

"I LOVE this blanket. I have ADHD, SPD, and would frequently toss and turn during my period leading to pain in my body and exhaustion. It has helped with all of these! I sleep so well! I bought the king size 25lb blanket and it's perfect for adults. Nice and cool for summer use and I can still toss a blanket on top for winter. Wish I would have bought one sooner!" -Z.S.

"I was able to sleep all through the night for the first time in almost 20 years. Worth every penny." -I.N.

"This blanket has been a life saver! My son has a horrible time sleeping, and is hyperactive. He would get up 3-4 times in the night. Now with his blanket, he sleeps through the night, and we use it during homework time or reading time so his legs aren't so restless."- M.G.

"Wonderful product. Blanket has helped my son stay in his bed the entire night." -A.H.

"Such an amazing product! Got it to help my husband sleep and it works 110%. He says" it's like a hug while I sleep." Melissa went out of her way to make sure this was the right weight and size for him. It's perfect, and the quality is impeccable!" -M.N.

Weighted Blankets and Night Terrors

"I thought I'd let you guys know that my daughter is loving her blanket. She had a night terror the other night, when I went to check on her her blanket had fallen onto the ground, I placed it on her and it instantly calmed her. Thank you so much for this blessing." -Katrina P.

Weighted Blankets and Nightmares

"It helped some with my sons nightmares. He only wakes up a few days a month now instead of every night. I would recommend this product to anyone with children that have a hard time sleeping because of anxiety." -B.B.

Weighted Blankets and Mental Health

"This was absolutely a fantastic purchase. The shipping was timely (considering the blankets are made to order) and the product is so high quality. The fabric feels nice and smooth. As an adult dealing with mental health issues that often result in chronic insomnia, I've found that the blanket has helped me immensely. I'd recommend it to anybody!" -B.T.

Weighted Blankets and ADHD

"I've had problems sleeping since I was a teenager and never understood what the problem was. I was diagnosed with ADHD in my forties....This blanket is AMAZING! If you're on the fence about it, hop off and buy one! Money well spent!!!!" B.H.

Weighted Blankets and Fibromyalgia

"I am so pleased with the quality of the blanket, and it's helping me to feel better. It feels like being back in the womb again. I have painful hives-like reactions on my skin, and the blanket's pressure is helping relieve that sensation. I feel more comfortable when using my blanket already!" -F.

"Amazing! I ordered this to help with my anxiety and fibromyalgia pain. It's perfect, thank you so much!!" -E.M.

"I just wanted to let you know my blanket came yesterday from UPS. My family went on an overnight trip that was a 6 hour drive there and back (total of 12 hours in two days) When I got home my son took the blanket out of box for me and after my shower I used it and oh WOW I wish I wouldn't have waited a whole month to order. My son has also used it and I think a huge fight is in order lol!  This maybe a great Christmas idea for him and his wife.  I just want to say I really appreciate all of your time with me and help. I really love the blanket and it really does help with fibromyalgia!  Great company and customer service!!" - S.C. 


Weighted Blankets and Restless Leg Syndrome

"Very well made blanket. Fast delivery for a custom item. Friendly seller. This item is working very well for Restless Leg Syndrome. Thank you!" -M.D.

Weighted Blankets and PTSD

"My adopted daughter has horrible anxiety and PTSD. Whenever something stresses her now, she reaches for her blanket, knowing it calms her and makes her feel safe. That gift of safety for my child...it's priceless." -P.L.

"I have panic attacks when something triggers me, and difficulty sleeping until the sun is up and it feels "safe". This weighted blanket provides the sense of safety I need to be able to sleep nights. It's not perfect, but it helps significantly." -M.H. 

Weighted Blankets and Blanket Quality

"This blanket is probably the best purchase I have ever made. It is gorgeous, mine is double sided with the glow in the dark constellations on the other side. I love it. Personally I feel like I could still use more weight, I'm 5'6 and weigh about 140lbs and got a 20lb blanket, but I think it would also be harder to carry if it was heavier. If you are debating getting one you should go for it. The seller is super sweet and good about helping you figure things out. I love my blanket so much." -B.

"LOVE THIS BLANKET! Melissa was so helpful, and really went out of her way to make sure the colors coordinated on each side of the blanket. I also asked for a specific type of fabric, and she was able to make that happen. There are so many listings for sensory blankets, and I was a little overwhelmed. I am so glad I found LifetimeSensory, I really can't say enough. Great quality, fast shipping, and awesome communication...not to mention, super cute blanket :)" -P.S.